Retirement Planning

Raise your hand if you want to retire.

It’s all of us, right?

It always amazes us that so many people spend more time planning a short vacation than they spend planning for their retirements, which often  last for 30 years or even longer.

Stated very briefly, helping people have happy and meaningful retirements is our specialty. 

We enjoy helping people retire, and we are very good at it.

We’ve helped scores of families retire their way over our many years of service to our customers.

Our process with you would be to start by asking questions, then listening carefully as you share with us your unique goals and interests.

We then develop a retirement plan for you, which we occasionally re-visit to make sure we’ve stayed on track over the years.

We talk a lot about your money, and your budget.  You’ve worked hard, and have accumulated retirement assets.  And we work hard to manage these assets, as we are well trained to do.

We utilize proven asset management techniques, and have a vast amount of research available to us.  Your portfolio is managed in a forward-looking style.

Our proven processes have worked for many people, and for many years. There is very much more to retirement than just money.

Today is the long-awaited time for you to be creative and decide what YOU WANT TO DO in retirement.  

WHERE do you want to live?  

HOW do you want to live?

WHAT do you want to do with your fun time? Which, by the way, should be ALL of your time.

We integrate, into your plan, every bit of information you share with us, whether it is about money or about the fun you want to have in retirement.

The ultimate result of our planning is that you live the life YOU WANT to live, while allowing us to keep you on track as far as financial things are concerned.

The process is usually 2-4 meetings, initially.  

These meetings are at no cost nor obligation to you, since we’ve never believed we should charge people just for getting to know us.

After your plan is set into motion, we regularly monitor your plan, meeting with you when you want, making adjustments when appropriate.

Our proven processes have worked for many people, and for many years.

Given the opportunity, we’d love to build something special for you.  Just let us know when the timing is right for you.

No strategy assures success or protects against loss. Investing involves risk including loss of principal.