At Blackbridge Financial of the Ozarks, our main focus is on multi-generational wealth management. 

In other words, we enjoy, and are very good at, helping families navigate life’s financial landscape, including customized investment advice and retirement planning. 

For many years, we’ve been helping scores of families retire. So, we are very skilled in providing common sense answers to questions that most people have as they approach that wonderful first day of retirement.

Sometimes people have non-retirement goals, so we also help all kinds of people pursue other goals. These goals include smart college funding, as well as nest-egg investing.

We seek to develop fiduciary relationships with our customers, always placing our customers’ best interest ahead of our own. 

We are very proud of our proven and individualized investment advice for families, small businesses and trusts.

All of our financial plans and investment portfolios are built by, or reviewed by a Certified Financial Planner® PRACTITIONER.

When you are ready, contact us and we’ll do these things for you, in this order:

1. Ask great questions of you. 

2. Actually pay attention to your answers.

3. Answer your questions in digestible terminology, using relatable examples or comparisons.

Our mighty team operates from our offices across the street from Battlefield Mall.  

We all have deep roots in Springfield, Missouri and in most of the smaller towns that surround this beautiful small city.

We enjoy making the area an even better place to live by donating our time and money to many local helpful organizations. Lately our favorites include Champions Committed to Kids and Willard Children's Charitable Foundation.

Champions Committed to Kids and Willard Childrens Charitable Foundation are separate entities from Blackbridge Financial and LPL Financial.